Childbirth Education

More and more couples in Castle Rock are choosing private childbirth education classes in their homes. Your private childbirth class will prepare you to give birth at Castle Rock Adventist, Sky Ridge and Parker Adventist Hospitals. You will learn all the important details that you need to prepare for this event.

This evidence-based curriculum allows you to formulate your own theories and philosophies about your birth, and how you would like it to look in an ideal scenario. You will learn what contractions feel like, how you will know you are in labor, when to call the doctor, what pain management options there are.

Having a certified childbirth educator in your home and at your disposal during your pregnancy is an investment that pays for itself over and over in your readiness and confidence.

Labor Doula Services

Our hand-selected professional and certified doulas help intelligent and modern families feel more confident and prepared by offering education and support during and after their pregnancies. 

Whether you are giving birth at Castle Rock Adventist, Sky Ridge Hospital, or Parker Hospital, you can give birth with the knowledge, support and reassurance that you are doing great and what is best for you and your baby!

The confidence that overcomes you walking into your hospital with your doula by your side will be just what you need to not feel afraid during this time. Childbirth is often one of the most feared events in a woman’s life, and it is high time that fear is put at bay. 

Your two appointments with your doulas beforehand help you create both a birth and postpartum plan, and you feel ready for all the unpredictability with the knowledge and support you have arranged. We help our clients by being professional and experienced, by meeting our clients where they are at, without bias or judgement.

Let the stress melt away, and enjoy the services that will comfort you and your family. 



We are so glad we had Krystal as our doula.  She was incredibly supportive throughout our preparation and at the birth.  Her soothing nature and thorough knowledge put us at ease during one of the most stressful times in our lives.  Knowing that we had Krystal on our team going into the labor really made me feel more confident in having a positive outcome. 


Postpartum Doula Services

The months following the birth of a baby are full of learning, excitement, joy and if you are like the rest of new parents… usually a little bit of uncertainty!

No one understands this more than the postpartum expert, Krystal Cleaver. Her services have been carefully crafted to make this poignant time in your life as memorable as your wedding and filled with as much joy and excitement as your engagement. 

The postpartum doula services provided by Doulas of Castle Rock offer you the luxury of feeling confident, able, and clear headed while also being taken care of by a postpartum specialist.

Postpartum doula support feels like the warm comfort of a mother, with the knowledge and expertise of an expert. 


Your postpartum doula supports you and your family by:

  • Emotional support during one of life’s statistically most stressful transitions

  • Feeding education and support

  • Infant soothing solutions

  • Healthy and delicious meal prep

  • Nursery prep and organization

  • Night nanny services


Night Nanny


If you are looking for some help throughout the night for your baby or multiple children, a night nanny will provide you the opportunity for you to sleep soundly throughout the night. Imagine how refreshed you will feel after a good night’s sleep! You deserve to feel clear headed and excited to see your babies in the morning. Your night nanny will afford you that luxury and allow you to be the best that you can be.

Sleep Coaching


Sleep deprived? Exhausted? Not sure if you are lucid enough to be behind the wheel of a car? Think of how amazing it will feel to have a plan and support from one of the top experts on infant sleep in the country working with you. Our sleep trainer will give you and your baby the guidance and plan for the best sleep possible. She can do in-home support, or do one-on-one with you over the phone, or have you join her online community of sleep support. She will give you the actionable items that you can take TODAY to feel better, have your baby sleep well, and know that you are doing everything based on your own intuition and expertise from your trainer.


Placenta Encapsulation Services

We understand your time is valuable and there is so much information about placenta encapsulation out there that is hard to know which way is up. Allow us to make this a little easier for you.

Women encapsulate their placentas because of the believed benefits of improved milk supply, increase in mood stability, and general improvement in quality of life postpartum. The benefits of placenta encapsulation are being experienced by more and more women in South Denver and this ancient tradition is becoming more common in the beautiful suburbs where we reside.

Enter Doulas of Castle Rock Professional Placenta Encapsulator. She spends two hours on two consecutive days preparing your placenta in your kitchen in the fastest, safest way possible. Feel free to ask her questions about newborns and postpartum while she is there, as she is an open book and dedicated the holistic recovery of women postpartum.