Postpartum Doula Services

The months following the birth of a baby are full of learning, excitement, joy and if you are like the rest of new parents… usually a little bit of uncertainty!

No one understands this more than the postpartum expert, Krystal Cleaver. Her services have been carefully crafted to make this poignant time in your life as memorable as your wedding and filled with as much joy and excitement as your engagement. 

The postpartum doula services provided by Doulas of Castle Rock offer you the luxury of feeling confident, able, and clear headed while also being taken care of by a postpartum specialist.

Postpartum doula support feels like the warm comfort of a mother, with the knowledge and expertise of an expert. 


Your postpartum doula supports you and your family by:

  • Emotional support during one of life’s statistically most stressful transitions

  • Feeding education and support

  • Infant soothing solutions

  • Healthy and delicious meal prep

  • Nursery prep and organization

  • Night nanny services