Placenta Encapsulation Services

We understand your time is valuable and there is so much information about placenta encapsulation out there that is hard to know which way is up. Allow us to make this a little easier for you.

Women encapsulate their placentas because of the believed benefits of improved milk supply, increase in mood stability, and general improvement in quality of life postpartum. The benefits of placenta encapsulation are being experienced by more and more women in South Denver and this ancient tradition is becoming more common in the beautiful suburbs where we reside.

Enter Doulas of Castle Rock Professional Placenta Encapsulator. She spends two hours on two consecutive days preparing your placenta in your kitchen in the fastest, safest way possible. Feel free to ask her questions about newborns and postpartum while she is there, as she is an open book and dedicated the holistic recovery of women postpartum.