Night Nanny


If you are looking for some help throughout the night for your baby or multiple children, a night nanny will provide you the opportunity for you to sleep soundly throughout the night. Imagine how refreshed you will feel after a good night’s sleep! You deserve to feel clear headed and excited to see your babies in the morning. Your night nanny will afford you that luxury and allow you to be the best that you can be.

Sleep Coaching


Sleep deprived? Exhausted? Not sure if you are lucid enough to be behind the wheel of a car? Think of how amazing it will feel to have a plan and support from one of the top experts on infant sleep in the country working with you. Our sleep trainer will give you and your baby the guidance and plan for the best sleep possible. She can do in-home support, or do one-on-one with you over the phone, or have you join her online community of sleep support. She will give you the actionable items that you can take TODAY to feel better, have your baby sleep well, and know that you are doing everything based on your own intuition and expertise from your trainer.