I have dreamed my whole life about living in the suburbs! Okay, I know. When most of my friends were dreaming about their careers when we were growing up, I had a hard time envisioning what that may be. All I knew was I wanted to live in the suburbs with my family and be the best mom I could be! I also envisioned having 7 children… so far I have found 2 is my max!

I love watching TV! We have cable, Netflix, Hulu and apple tv accounts! LOL! I know this sounds over the top, so we have set times. We don’t watch TV during the day and only at night after the children are down.

My husband was a stay at home dad, and quite frankly amazing at it. He is so nurturing and patient (probably why he is a teacher now!). He could write the book for dads on how to do this if they ever wanted to, and I hope does since he has an English degree!

We go on date nights EVERY SUNDAY. Yes, you read that correctly… Every single Sunday! We have Grandparents close and I can’t imagine not getting a date night every week. Usually this date night consists of me talking my husband’s ear off, but thats okay, because you know, that’s me and he signed up for this! :)

I love celebrating events… and let’s be honest, even things that aren’t technically events! For example, after a major surgery I still hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our home even 6 days post op still needing walking assistance! I love getting my family together for any reason. As I am typing this I am trying to figure out when our next big family function is… as I can’t wait!

I love going to get facials. I try to reign myself in and only go once a month. My favorite places are Brown Palace and Woodhouse. Is it anti-aging? I don’t know. All I know is it feels good and they give me a robe and champagne.

I LOVE waking up early! This means I love going to bed early. If I am not IN BED by 8:30 it is a late night! This means I love getting up early, too.

I love vacations! Okay, who doesn’t? My dream was to have a life I didn’t need a vacation from, and while that is true… I can’t help but travel once a year to the Caribbean! This year we are going to Turks and Caicos. Next year I hope to bring our children and my in-laws with us, though my husband prefers to go just us! Someone tell him he is silly and our kids and his parents should come, too! Really, I will get you his email address.

My doula partner Jamie has never seen me in a pair of pants! I always wear dresses or skirts. If it is cold I will do a dress over some leggings (PS- Leggings aren’t pants!)

I am always on time… so much so I bug my friends! I literally can’t handle getting somewhere “on-time”. On time means 10 minutes early AT LEAST!