“How To” Set up a Nursery

Your perfect nursery is only a few steps away! I know it can feel like there is so much information on the internet about what products and furniture you need and don’t need. This blog article will lay out the 3 essentials to a functional, beautiful nursery.


A crib is essential to a nursery. A crib is a safe place for your baby to sleep, or spend time otherwise. If you have an heirloom crib, please be sure to make sure it is not a drop-side crib as they are no longer recommended.

Crib Tip: Your crib can convert to a toddler bed if you choose to purchase one with this feature. Many people like to do this, unless you plan on having babies close together then you can just pass down the crib to the next baby.


Regardless of how you intend to feed your baby, a rocking chair or glider is also essential. This will be a chair that is comfortable and functional. You will be spending time here rocking baby to sleep, feeding, reading books, and typically a glider or rocker will stay in the child’s room through Kindergarten!

Rocker/Glider Tip: Choose one with a slip cover that you can wash as needed, and have a second slip cover in another color for a change in scenery and use as needed!

Changing Station:

A changing station will be a place that you do diapering. Bending over on the floor and doing it like that for extended periods of time will most likely lead to a sore back. So having a changing station will be important. Have it arranged so you have diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer and a diaper disposal unit all within a hands reach. You can’t walk away from the table with a child on it, so be sure you have it set up that you can reach for these without taking a step.

Changing table tip: As with ALL nursery furniture, securely fasten the changing table to the wall for safety.


These are 3 fundamentals of a functional, beautiful nursery space. If you decide you’d like some more help, you can contact Krystal for nursery planning services and be sure follow the blog for our next "How To" feature article!