How to Spot a Doulas of Castle Rock Client

We absolutely love our Doulas of Castle Rock "Star Clients".

You incredible women know who you are. You are:

Brilliant, intelligent and you've got it together. When I am with you amazing clients, I hear stories about your lives so far and your careers, and you blow me away with your life experience and lessons learned, so early on. You inspire me. 

You are the kindest, most supportive group of women to other moms. You get that we all just want to do our best. You understand that family choices are just that, for each family. You hire your Doulas of Castle Rock doulas because you can smell judgement a mile away. You deserve the same support for yourself that you bestow onto others. 

Because of this, many of your friends find you to be a trusted confidant, and I can see why. You have earned the rightful reputation for being there for your friends, and it is without question why. 

You get that you can't fill from an empty cup. You understand what your needs are, and you don't apologize for having them. I appreciate that about you and most importantly, your family does, too. By taking care of yourself, you know that you are better able to take care of your family. As a young family, you will need energy in the form of longevity, and you are taking steps and precautions to ensure you will have this. 

From me to you, a heartfelt thank you to for being you.